Safety Signage

fire safety signs signage

Why do I need safety signs?

As part of your fire risk assessment, and health and safety assessment, you will have to identify the need of signage to identify the following:

  • safe escape routes and assembly points
  • emergency equipment
  • fire fighting equipment
  • fire doors
  • fire actions
  • mandatory information
  • prohibition information
  • warning information
  • general information


BS5499-10 states that “Adequate illumination is necessary to ensure safety signs are conspicuous and comprehensible. Safety signs generally need to continue to be effective upon removal of the usual light source. It is not normally considered satisfactory to rely on daylight alone for illumination unless the safety signs are only required to be effective during daylight hours, for example in an external environment.

There are various ways of ensuring the satisfactory illumination of safety signs as follows:

  • Externally Illuminated. Where a safety sign is illuminated by an external light source.
  • Rear Illumination. Where the light source of a rear illuminated safety sign should provide a luminous contrast appropriate to its environment without producing glare.
  • Photoluminescent. Where a photoluminescent sign is used.

Vale Fire Safety recommends the use of photoluminescent signs for all situations where emergency lighting is inadequate.

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